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Personal Productivity

Power Breakfast in the Tiger Zone

Sep 30 201912:00 - 02:00Small Group Session
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What if you could do half a day’s work in 2 hours? Productivity is a skill that can be honed. Join us for a power breakfast where we share some key tips on productivity and actually sit down and implement these tips while silently doing our work in a room with some breakfast. This session is limited to 8 people.

What to Expect:

8am – Everyone grabs complimentary tea, coffee and pastries for their work station. Productivity tips will be shared for 10 minutes to complete your most pressing work.

8:10am – Work begins and there will be no conversations at this time. You are encouraged to apply the productivity tips provided and are advised to keep your phones aside unless it is needed for work.

10am – You will have completed what others would likely finish by 3pm. After this, everybody gets a well-deserved break and can chat over another cup of coffee.


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