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Investing Intelligently

Pick the Right ETFs

Sep 23 201911:00 - 01:00Small Group Session
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You won't just be learning about ETFs in theory but the CEO of Stashaway, Michele Ferrario, will be showing you what qualities of an ETF to look out for in your selection process during this workshop. You'll learn how they work, which options would suit you and even which types of ETFs you can start with if you're brand new to this.

Gain Actionable Insights To:

  • How ETFs help to diversify your portfolio and how secure they are
  • Which ETFs should you begin with if you’ve not invested in them before (for both small and big portfolios)
  • Michele will identify key qualities to look out for by going through examples of ETFs during this session

23rd September at 7pm

WeWork, Level 5

109 North Bridge Road

Singapore 179097


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