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Outsmart Credit Card Providers

Jul 16 201911:00 - 01:00Small Group Session
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What does your online shopping spree have to do with your credit rating? Why is your friend getting a lower insurance premium and a more rewarding credit card than you do? Vipin Kalra, CEO of BankBazaar, uses his 21 years of experience in senior roles at Visa to show you how important your credit rating is and what you can do about it.

Gain Actionable Insights To:

• How your online shopping spree from your favourite online store is affecting your insurance grading

• What your browser history is feeding to the credit card company that’s approving your application

• The red flags you’ve been blindly collecting in your credit history and how you can get rid of them

16th July 2019 at 7pm

WeWork, Level 5

109 North Bridge Road

Singapore 179097


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