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Not Just Another Boring Webinar: Smashing Virtual Presentations

Aug 05 202010:00 - 11:00ConferenceZoom
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Much of the traditional advice about how to be an engaging presenter can now be forgotten. In today’s virtual world, how can you be an equally effective public speaker over Zoom - even if you’re secretly wearing pyjama bottoms?

We’re gathering two of our greatest orators for an in-depth conversation on how to take your presenting and pitching skills virtual. We’ll be discussing ways to keep your audience’s attention without the benefit of eye contact or body language, how to deal with feeling like a loner if everyone has their cameras off, and what to do if a shaky internet connection interrupts your flow.

The stellar panel for this virtual showdown will include:

  • Byron Heath, VP Portfolio & Business Development, APAC, Siemens

  • Amer Iqbal, Head of Digital Transformation, APAC, Facebook

  • Moderator: Nellie Wartoft, CEO of Tigerhall

What You Can Expect:

  • Access to our panelists unfiltered thoughts on how to lead an impactful virtual presentation
  • Submit your questions via chat - the most interesting questions will get put to the panel!
  • Grab a drink and join us virtually (link will be sent via email)

5th August 2020, 6pm



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