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Not Just Another Boring HR Webinar: Where Tech & People Meet Digital Transformation

Oct 07 202001:00 - 02:00ConferenceZoom
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When people think of digital transformation, they often think of technology and data. Yet a key element that’s often overlooked is people. If you’re in HR, you play an important role in supporting your organisation’s digital transformation. Join us for an in depth discussion on how to be a true transformation partner and navigate the risks and challenges involved in the process. You’ll discover the mindsets and skills needed to drive transformation and how to leverage data as an HR professional. The stellar lineup for this virtual showdown will include:

  • Darren Yong, Head of Client and Market Development & TMT at KPMG

  • Christopher Lind, Global Head of Digital Learning at GE Healthcare

  • Moderator: Nellie Wartoft, CEO, Tigerhall

What You Can Expect:

  • Access to our panelists advice on how HR professionals can drive exponential change and make a real impact through digital transformation
  • Submit your questions via chat - the most interesting questions will get put to the panel!
  • Grab a drink and join us virtually (link will be sent via email)


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