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Livestream: Rapid Fire Questions With Roger Fisk

Aug 10 202101:00 - 01:20Ask Me AnythingTigerhall App
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Always wished you could ask Roger Fisk, one of President Obama’s long-term aides, all your nosy questions? Well, now you can!

Join Roger for a rapid-fire question round led by Tigerhall’s Head of Marketing, Megan Yulga, to celebrate the launch of his Trail, which sees him interview leaders from the worlds of media, tech and banking, about how to scale your influence.

What You Can Expect:

  • Live rapid fire rounds with Roger Fisk about all things leadership!
  • Pose your nosy questions in the chat!
  • Grab a snack and drink - join us virtually 📱


Thinkfluencers in this Experience

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