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Livestream: Leadership Advice I’m Sick of Hearing

Jul 28 202108:30 - 09:00Ask Me AnythingTigerhall App
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Authenticity, vulnerability, radical candour - as a leader you’ve heard these buzzwords countless times. But how much of the commonly espoused leadership advice is valuable and could it in fact be, utter nonsense?

In this fourth and final episode of “Are You Sure You’re a Good Boss”, hosted by Nellie Wartoft, the Tigerhall CEO will be breaking down some leadership advice that has grown exhaustive, analysing whether you could extract from them a degree of applicability or if you should just ditch them altogether.

What You Can Expect:

  • A live discussion with Nellie about the leadership advice that she is sick of hearing
  • Use the chat function to have a conversation with Nellie
  • Grab a snack and drink - join us virtually!

Date: 28th July

Time: 5PM SGT

Location: Tigerhall App


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