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Livestream: How to Coach Low Performers After Appraisals

Apr 15 202109:00 - 09:30Ask Me AnythingTigerhall App
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Out with the rigid and impersonal charts, in with a brand new take on appraisals! According to Director of Digital Natives and Technology Dhruv Vohra, a more hands-on approach, albeit more challenging, is required to make a tangible effect on the performance of employees - especially those who are missing the mark.

In this upcoming livestream with Tigerhall’s Pippa Woodhead, Dhruv will be sharing how to harness the power of positive reinforcement, relevant feedback and mentorship to forge a team that is stronger than ever, starting with your low-performing members.

What You Can Expect:

  • Actionable insights on how to coach low performers after an appraisal
  • Engage in real-time interactions with Dhruv and have your questions answered
  • 20-minute session that slots easily into your busy schedule

Date: 13 April Time: 5pm SGT

Location: Tigerhall App


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