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Livestream: Exercise Resolutions that Work – Increase Performance and Stay the Course

Jan 11 202210:30 - 11:00LivestreamTigerhall app
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Are you using the momentum of the new year to make fresh health and fitness resolutions? Fantastic! But how do you make sure that these resolutions are in fact helping you become healthier and not causing injury? Matthew Winter, Director of Integrative Physio, is no stranger to the perils of misguided fitness routines. Join the conversation as he shares about the cost of pain on performance, the various benefits of exercise, time efficient forms of exercise that will give you the most bang for your buck, and how to understand our own genetic potential to reduce anxiety around “results.”

What You Can Expect

  • A live discussion with Matt on a healthy approach to fitness resolutions
  • Use the chat function to get your questions answered in real time
  • Grab a snack and drink – join us virtually!


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