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Well-being at Work

Livestream: A Live Coaching Session on How to Stop Feeling 'Blah'

Jul 15 202109:00 - 09:30Ask Me AnythingTigerhall App
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There’s a name for that ‘blah’ feeling many of us have had since the reality of the pandemic kicked in: languishing. A subtle sense of dread that has you stuck between acutely depressed and healthily flourishing - it’s difficult to detect, but holds substantial sway over our wellbeing and productivity.

In this live coaching session, Leadership Executive Coach Ritu Mehrish will demonstrate ways to help you, and those around you, escape this psychological maze.

What You Can Expect:

  • A live coaching session with Ritu about getting rid of that ‘blah’ feeling
  • Use the chat function to ask Ritu for advice on coaching scenarios
  • Grab a snack and drink - join us virtually!

Date: 15th July

Time: 5PM SGT

Location: Tigerhall App


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