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Career Advancement

Group Mentorship: The Craziest Year Yet - Mid-Year Reflection

Jul 01 202010:00 - 11:00Small Group SessionZoom
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As we reach the middle of 2020; the most tumultuous year of many of our lives, and rife with terms like “new normal” and “pivot”, it’s an opportune moment for introspection and productive planning. Nissan Joseph, CEO of MAP Active and former regional MD at Crocs, credits reflection for much of his success. In this session he will take you through an effective plan for reflection that will see you though the rest of the year.

What You Can Expect:

  • Access to Nissan’s thoughts on mental preparations for the rest of the year
  • Start setting your most important goals for the rest of 2020
  • Grab a snack and a drink and join us virtually (link will be sent via email)

1st July 2020, 6pm



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