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For First Time Leaders

Group Mentorship: How to Be an Outstanding Coach as a Leader

Aug 20 202010:00 - 11:00Small Group SessionZoom
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Gone are the days of iron-handed leadership in business. Nowadays, employees expect consultative managers, higher levels of autonomy and greater welfare. And leaders need to change with the times.

Let Bidhan Roy, Managing Director, APJC at Cisco, share how to lead your teams and peers more effectively through a coaching style of leadership. Learn about how to harness empathy and compassion to build trust and motivate employees. Additionally, Bidhan will talk about adjusting to the future of work in human terms.

What You Can Expect:

  • Hear from Bidhan on methods to be a better leader for your team and peers
  • Get the chance to ask Bidhan for personalised advice on your specific situation
  • Grab a snack and a drink and join us virtually (link will be sent via email)

20 August 6pm



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