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Well-being at Work

Group Mentorship: Finding Contentment in Life & Work

Jul 07 202010:00 - 11:00Small Group SessionZoom
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Are you actually happy or merely coasting along? If you’re craving greater purpose and meaning to your life and work, you are not alone. Desmond Koh, Olympian & Banker, shares with us his journey of self-discovery and realignment. Join us to learn tips on how to achieve better self-awareness and align your values to the work that you do to make sure it brings the utmost joy.

What You Can Expect:

  • Hear from Desmond on how he feels you can better align your values to your work, based on his own journey of self discovery
  • Get the chance to ask Desmond for personalised advice on the best path for you
  • Grab a snack and a drink and join us virtually (link will be sent via email)

7 July 6pm



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