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Business Transformation

Finding Focus in Times of Chaos: Tigerhall Chats

Dec 03 202010:00 - 11:00Small Group SessionZoom
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Think about it - you’re never just on a Zoom call, you’re also in the middle of replying to Whatsapp messages or drafting an email or getting distracted on Instagram or doing it all at once. Technology has made our lives so hyperconnected that we’re constantly multitasking without even trying to, and yet, we’re constantly working overtime. How have our lives gotten more chaotic?

Join Arzumy, MD & CTO at Fave, as he shares about the tools and habits that help him stay focused while managing a million and one things. Learn how you can improve your productivity and clock off on time no matter how crazy your workload is.

What You Can Expect:

  • Learn about Arzumy’s strategies for increasing productivity during a chaotic day at work
  • A chance to ask Arzumy for personalised advice on your specific situation
  • To join us online with a drink and snack by clicking on a link that will be sent via email

3 December, 6pm



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