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Enter the Mind of Hackers

Jun 19 201911:00 - 01:00Small Group Session
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It’s about time you hacked into the mind of hackers and discovered a thing or two about hacking emails and hijacking laptop cameras. Not just to spy on your partner but also to better protect your own information online. Manish Chawda, Partner at Pragma Security, uses his 20 years’ of experience advising governments and multi-nationals about cyber risk to show you how to protect your most private information and inner secrets. He may even let you into some secrets he’s learned from his training with ex blackhat hackers.

Gain Actionable Insights To:

• Hacking emails, laptops, and even hijacking laptop cameras anywhere in the world

• How credit card details can be retrieved online despite purchasing from credible online stores

• Creating un-hackable passwords, powerful preventive measures and answers to all your burning cybersecurity questions

• What the most common password in the world is and how you can use it to break into Coca-Cola’s recipe

19th June 2019 at 7pm

WeWork, Level 5

109 North Bridge Road

Singapore 179097


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