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Building on What We’ve Learnt: Group Mentorship Session 3

Dec 10 202001:00 - 02:00Small Group SessionZoom
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So now you’ve learnt about self-discovery and self-evaluation -- two essential processes for a successful manager. You’re more prepared to take on one of the most significant roles in the workforce, where you have a direct impact on employees. Their success and development will all be influenced by your leadership. No pressure, right?

In this third and final session of this Group Mentorship Series with Nissan Joseph, CEO of MAP Active, Philippines, you will build on what you’ve already learned and ensure you are prepared and confident in your new role.

What You Can Expect:

  • Hear Nissan’s A-Z guide on how to approach the responsibilities and expectations of being a new manager
  • Get the chance to ask Nissan for personalised advice on your specific situation
  • Grab your morning coffee and join us virtually to get mentored by Nissan and start your day on a productive note (link will be sent via email)

December 10, 9am


*These mentorship series come in the set of 3 and are priced at $300. An email will be sent to you with further instructions.


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