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Personal Productivity

Brand Yourself to Grab Your Dream Job

Oct 15 201911:00 - 01:00Small Group Session
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You might have what it takes to get your dream job but if your social profile doesn’t show it, you probably won’t get the job. The good news is that you now have Rajesh Kumar, Co-Founder of LeadThink, a platform that supports professionals in their quest for a job by enabling them to build their social capital. Rajesh shows you how to beef up your social profile to your favour, develop networks, and build engagement to grow your influence & impact to snag that dream job.

What You Can Expect:

  • You’ll go through your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and implement changes on the spot
  • Make decisions on the personal brand you want to carry and invest in for your future
  • Tips on how you can make sure that your social media behaviors are consistent with your brand and how you can start implementing them today while still being yourself

15th October at 7.00pm

WeWork Funan, Level 5

109 North Bridge Road

Singapore 179097


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