Singapore-headquartered knowledge sharing platform Tigerhall expands into India to help professionals upskill and achieve their career goals

  • Tigerhall will provide professionals in India with unlimited opportunities to learn directly from the top experts in the country and region

  • The company aims to support India’s workforce upskilling efforts and help develop workers’ soft skills, leadership skills and commercial skills

  • Professionals can look forward to bite-sized and actionable content that can be conveniently accessed on-demand anytime and anywhere 

Mumbai and Bangalore, India; 4th November 2019 – Imagine if you could tap into the minds of an award-winning Indian film star, a former Chairman of a multinational bank, a five-time ICC Umpire of the Year, a renowned fiction author, a senior executive at one of the country’s biggest e-commerce companies, and a decorated former Captain of the Indian Army — all in one app.

This rare and invaluable access to some of the country’s most successful people is exactly what Singapore-based knowledge sharing platform Tigerhall aims to provide professionals after announcing an expansion into India today. The move is fuelled by a desire to support India’s quest to become the skill capital of the world and alleviate the workforce’s challenge of upskilling workers at scale and with high quality learning.  

Providing bite-sized digital learning content on-the-go

Through the Tigerhall app, India-based professionals across all industries will now be able to access bite-sized Podcasts and Power Reads by successful experts in the country and region. Executives who want to learn how to do business more effectively in India, for instance, can digest an eight-minute Power Read by the former CEO of Reliance Power, Venugopala Rao Naredla. Tigerhall has also curated a Power Read with award-winning Indian film actress and singer, Shruti Haasan, who provides tips to professionals who have lost a sense of drive or purpose for their work. A content piece with Amish Tripathi, the renowned author of the Shiva Trilogy, is on track to go live in the app in the next few weeks.

In addition to India-based experts, app users will also have access to a bank of content curated with Asia’s top business leaders at organisations such as Facebook, Google, Deloitte and Unilever. For example, a marketing manager who is looking for tips on running an online campaign can learn how to do just that directly from Facebook’s Head of Digital Marketing through an 18-minute podcast.

The content on the app can be conveniently accessed anytime and anywhere by today’s busy professionals  whether it is on the commute to work, during lunch or over the weekend  due to its bite-sized format and availability on a mobile application.

Enabling live interactions and face time with business leaders in the country

Events are also key hallmarks of Tigerhall’s offerings in addition to the digital content available in the app. Users in Mumbai and Bangalore can look forward to face-to-face interactions and learning directly from experts through private dinners and events every month. 

Tigerhall’s first event in Mumbai  “Rolling out a Content Strategy in India”  is with Sanjog Gupta, Executive Vice President at Star TV Network on 11th November. Users in Mumbai can also look forward to a Private Dinner on “Leading with Tough Love” on 12th November with Dr. Anil Khandelwal, the former Chairman of Bank of Baroda. 

“Creating Your Investment Portfolio in India” by Ankit Fitkariwala, Head of Investment at Paytm Money, will mark the first event in Bangalore on 13th November. A Private Dinner on “the E-commerce Landscape in India” with Abhimanyu Shekhawat, the Head of Loyalty and Partnerships at Flipkart, will take place on 14th November.

Through these Events and Private Dinners, users will be able to rub shoulders with successful leaders at the helm of some of India’s most renowned organisations. More importantly, they stand to benefit tremendously from the invaluable insights shared by these experts like the mistakes they’ve made, how they maintain their success and the key actions professionals need to take today to get closer to their goals or be better at their jobs.

Equipping professionals with a refreshing and effective way to learn

Today’s announcement follows Tigerhall’s update three weeks ago which revealed an expansion into Malaysia. Establishing a presence in India is in line with Tigerhall’s aim to provide professionals across Asia with unlimited opportunities to learn from the most successful people in the region. 

“Focussing on workforce learning and development is a key requisite to the growth of any nation, let alone one brimming with tremendous potential like India. Through my interactions with professionals in the country, I have been impressed by their creativity, talent and most notably their ambitions to succeed,” said Tigerhall CEO Nellie Wartoft. “We are extremely excited to introduce the Tigerhall way of learning that will help equip workers in India with the soft skills, leadership skills and commercial skills that they need to be better at their jobs and achieve their career goals.”

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