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3 Ways to Innovate Like a Startup

Find out how innovating like a startup could help your business to grow and expand. Don’t be afraid to get creative, be innovative, and to pivot if you need to.

PitchDeck Asia interviews Tigerhall CEO, Nellie Wartoft

The story of Tigerhall with Nellie Wartoft on PitchDeck Asia

PitchDeck Asia caught up with the CEO of Tigerhall, Nellie Wartoft to find out the story behind Tigerhall. Get to know her better, not as the CEO of Tigerhall, but as the ambitious entrepreneur who moved halfway across the world after finishing school, raised $1.8m in funding and started Asia’s hottest new app, Tigerhall. 

Enjoy Networking Events with Tigerhall

How To Actually Enjoy Networking Events

Move away from lone wolf and towards social butterfly status with a few tips on how you can improve your networking skills to build more meaningful and lasting connections. Begin to actually enjoy networking events!