Tigerhall expands to Malaysia to help professionals in the country upskill

Knowledge sharing platform Tigerhall expands into Malaysia to help professionals upskill and achieve their career goals

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 14th October 2019 – Professionals in Malaysia can now access unlimited opportunities to tap into the minds of Asia’s most successful business leaders following expansion plans announced by Tigerhall today. 

By expanding its operations into Malaysia, the Singapore-based knowledge sharing platform aims to help professionals achieve their career and life goals by learning directly from the most successful people in their fields. This move is fuelled by positive user feedback gathered since the platform’s launch in Singapore earlier this year, and a desire to support the workforce in its upskilling efforts amidst a challenging business landscape.

Providing bite-sized digital learning content on-the-go

Through the Tigerhall app, Malaysia-based professionals across all industries will now be able to access bite-sized Podcasts and Power Reads by successful experts from some of the region’s most renowned brands. Executives who want to learn how to succeed at work, for instance, can digest a 15-minute Power Read by AirAsia’s Head of Brand, Rudy Khaw. The content on the app can be conveniently accessed anytime and anywhere – whether it is on the commute to work, during lunch or over the weekend – due to its bite-sized format and availability on a mobile application.

Along with Malaysia-based experts, app users will also have access to a bank of content curated with Asia’s top business leaders at organisations such as Facebook, Google, DBS and Grab. For example, a marketing manager who is looking for tips on running an online campaign can learn how to do just that directly from Facebook’s Head of Digital Marketing through an 18-minute podcast.

Enabling live interactions and facetime with business leaders in the country

Events are also key hallmarks of Tigerhall’s offerings in addition to the digital content available in the app. Users can look forward to face-to-face interactions and learning directly from  experts through private dinners, exclusive lunches and events every month. Tigerhall’s first event in Malaysia is a Private Dinner on 24th October 2019 with Jocelyn Ng, the Former COO, Malaysia, of Uniqlo and General Manager of PepsiCo Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Mongolia and The Pacific Islands. A small group of 10 Tigerhall members will get to learn The Art of Business Communication from a successful Malaysian business leader with decades of leadership experience.

Upcoming events over the following months also include a Workshop with Fave’s Chief Technology Officer and Private Dinners with Kellogg’s Chief Marketing Officer of Southeast Asia and 7-Eleven Malaysia’s Former CEO.

Equipping professionals with a refreshing and effective way to learn

“I am extremely excited to introduce the Tigerhall way of learning to Malaysia. We truly believe that the best way to achieve our life and career goals is by learning directly from successful experts in the most convenient way possible” said Tigerhall CEO Nellie Wartoft. “That is exactly how we aim to help ambitious professionals in Kuala Lumpur and beyond – by enabling them to access the minds of business leaders who are succeeding today in the roles they aspire to hold in the future. Tigerhall’s Podcasts, Power Reads and Events will provide them with the knowledge and actionable industry-specific insights needed to succeed in today’s competitive business world.”

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