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How to Make Money While Travelling the World

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

A beautiful sentiment that millions of people around the world agree with, thousands preach, but only a handful actually practice.

How can you even begin to go about travelling the world if you’re not rich in the first place? There’s still the word “buy” in the quote, indicating you need money to do it. Right? Or do you?

The small handful of people who practice what they preach, usually belong to one of two groups. The first group is the tiny elite group of people who have more money to spend per minute than most of us will have in a lifetime.

The second group earns money as they travel. The good news is that there are multiple ways to achieve this for yourself, so, there’s no need to put off your travel dreams and wait for that bank account of yours to grow fat with savings before you can book your first flight. Here’s a couple of ways you can make money while travelling the world.

Become a “Digital Nomad”

The term “digital nomad” refers to anyone who works online while travelling. You’ll be surprised at the range of jobs on offer which allow remote working. Job sites which cater specifically for digital nomads include We Work Remotely and Remote Year, but if you’re looking for remote work at a fledgling startup, AngelList is a good place to start.

While finding a way to earn money remotely is becoming easier, the logistics of travel-and-work can take their toll. Annie Kingston has lived and worked in 23 different countries over the last 24 months and shares her experience on the Tigerhall podcast, giving you tips on how to live the digital nomad life while making a good paycheck every single month.

Develop an International Career

Another way to avoid burning through your pension fund before you’ve gotten that golden tan is to develop your career to allow you to move location with overseas employers. Yolanda Lee, Head of Consumer Partnerships at Deliveroo hasn’t covered Antarctica yet, but with that exception, she’s seen every single continent on earth and has always been stable and steadily employed. To help you develop your own international career, listen in to Yolanda share the skills you need to do the same, on Tigerhall. 

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