How To Get Promoted To A Leadership Role

We’ve all heard people saying they “started at the bottom and worked my way up”. For instance, starting from an entry-level position and working your way through the ranks to a leadership role. But how do you actually achieve that? If you’re looking to move into a leadership role, here are a few ways to do so.

Be a people-person

Leadership has a lot to do with how you interact with other people. The way you handle your emotions and build relationships with others affects how people see you. Be aware of how your team is performing and what affects their productivity, take interest in their lives outside of work (without being too intrusive), and be kind. People tend to respond better to a person who is genuine.

Take a chance

Don’t limit yourself because of your own self-defined views of what a leader is e.g I’m too young/old, I don’t have the experience, etc. Don’t be afraid to delve into something new. After all, it’s a brilliant way to learn. You won’t know until you try. For all you know, you might try a leadership role and find you don’t enjoy it. That’s alright, and at least you took a chance to find this out for yourself.

There are certainly more ways to help yourself get promoted to a leadership role. Hear from leading figures such as Erik Movsisyan, Executive Director at UBS Wealth Management, on what qualities you need to embody to get promoted to leadership roles. Allow him to bring you into the mindset of a successful manager and how to be a relevant leader for this upcoming millennial workforce. Erik also shares how to get noticed by your boss, the difference between a good manager to a real leader, and once you get a leadership role how to grow and develop. Find his complete Power Read on Tigerhall and start excelling as a leader now.

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