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7 Must Have Apps to Get You Through The Work Day

Sometimes work can be hard going. But there’s no need to struggle on alone. We’ve collated our top 7 best apps to help you get through the work day, perform better at your job, and handle some of the time-consuming tasks in an easier, quicker way.

1. Expensify

Available on iOS and Android

Expensify - Best apps


Stacks of receipts are a thing of the past thanks to nifty apps that help you keep track of all your expenses on the go. Expensify is one such app, with a solid UI that makes navigating the app an ease. Take photos of your receipts and add them to your expense reports. One killer feature is the SmartScan. All you have to do is take a photo of your receipt. SmartScan will then use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to note the date of the purchase, amount, merchant name, and currency for your records. It will then merge this image with the associated card expense. Use the Rapid Fire mode to scan multiple receipts one after the other. For the free version, you’re limited to 5 SmartScans a month, but you could always take care of the rest manually.

2. App In The Air

Available on iOS and Android

App in the Air - Best apps

The travel concierge app you always dreamt of. If you’re a frequent business traveller, this app is going to be your best friend. Keep track of all your flights in real time. We love that the app works offline, too. So if your flight is delayed or boarding gate has changed and you don’t have data roaming, you’ll be sent an SMS with the updated information. You can also track your loyalty points from within the app. A fun feature – you can scan your bag to see how it compares to the recommended cabin size, which shows up as an augmented reality overlay!

3. Otter

Available on iOS and Android

Otter - Best apps

If you’re hopping from one meeting to another and wish you had someone by your side to transcribe all your moments of genius throughout the day, look no further. AI-powered voice memos are Otter’s specialty. Record your meetings or conversations using the app. It transcribes in real time and quickly gives you searchable transcriptions that can distinguish between unique speaker voices and isolate key phrases. Skip and speed through audio playback, and edit out periods of silence easily. Create groups in the app to share notes with members of your team securely. We’re big fans.

4. CamScanner

Available on iOS and Android

CamScanner - Best Apps

Ever find yourself searching frantically for a scanner to send across important business documents when you’re travelling? CamScanner turns your phone into the portable scanner you’ve always secretly wanted. Simply use your phone camera to take a picture of your document. The app will crop away the background, straighten your image, correct the colours, and export the file in either JPEG or PDF formats. In high-resolution at that. Once you’ve scanned your document, it is securely synced across all your devices where the app is installed. You can also sync your email and social media accounts to share your documents with anyone from within the app.

5. Crystal

Desktop app

Crystal Knows - Best Apps

Crystal tells you how to communicate with someone based on their online profile. Claiming to help you communicate with someone like you’ve known them for years, Crystal is the tool that anyone working in Sales, Marketing, or Recruitment should definitely check out. The extension is powered by Personality AI, and gives you practical dos and don’ts to communicate persuasively and clearly with your team or a promising lead. You never get a second chance at making a first impression, so make yours count.

6. LastPass

Available for iOS, Android, and Google Phones
LastPass - Best Apps

You can never be too secure, especially when you don’t know who can access your data. Enter LastPass. Create an account with LastPass and that’s the only password you’ll ever need to remember. From there, add all your accounts that require a password to your LastPass vault. The password generator generates randomised passwords that will keep hackers at bay, and autofills them for you. LastPass syncs across all your devices, so you can bring your vault of passwords with you on the go. Encryption happens at a local level – this means that none of your data is stored on LastPass servers. Two-factor authorisation keeps things extra secure. Need we say more?

7. Grammarly

Available on iOS and Android

Grammarly - Best Apps

Sending emails on the go can lead to an unintentional typo or two. Sure, it’s fine if you’re dashing off a text to your friend, but typos in any professional correspondence can reflect poorly on you and your company. Grammarly is your saviour, whether you’re knocking out those pesky late-night emails or annual reports, and everything in between. Evade typos and grammatical missteps with the handy Grammarly extension. The extension works on all major sites you’d find yourself writing on – Gmail, LinkedIn, Slack, Medium, Google Docs, Twitter, to name a few – bringing you better communication with none of the effort. Subject-verb agreement issues no more.

8. Tigerhall [Bonus] 

Available on iOS and Android

Tigerhall - Best apps

A bonus eighth app, how could we not? Tigerhall gives you access to Asia’s most successful people through podcasts, power reads, and events. Tigerhall’s content is original, sourced from experts who have achieved success in their field, packaged into bite-sized insights that you can immediately implement in your job. So whether you’re looking to figure out something specific troubling you at work or want to develop the soft skills to be a better leader we’ve got you covered. Use Tigerhall in the little pockets of spare time you find in your day – on the commute to work, or while waiting for your friend who is always late – to gain the business and leadership skills you need to level up. Did we mention that you can book a seat to Tigerhall’s monthly private dinners from within the app? And you won’t have to pay an additional cent for it.

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