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3 Tips To Cater Your Company’s Learning and Development Programmes For The Younger Generation

Millennials are one of the largest generations that makes up society.

In the coming years to come, 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials according to a survey done by Ernst & Young. 43% of Millennials plan to quit their current job within two years, according to the 2018 Millennial survey from Deloitte, which is something that all companies should take note of & figure how they can try to retain these young talents.

This shows the importance of companies being able to cater to development programmes to continue to enhance the learning growth for the millennials and Generation Z, so as to retain them longer in their jobs.

Here are 3 tips for business owners to cater to your company’s development programmes based on Millennials and Generation Z job habits.

Leverage platforms with strong User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

Millennials and Generation Z grew up with the internet and social media. According to PricewaterhouseCooper’s 2018 “Future of Customer Experience” study, 32% of consumers would walk away from a brand they love after one single bad experience and 59% after several bad experiences. Furthermore, the study also found that customers are willing to pay as much as 16% more for a better experience.

This shows how a poor user interface or even a non-updated company’s social media can give the younger generation the impression that your company is out of touch and behind the times. This is a generation for which shopping online is more normal than visiting a brick-and-mortar store. The younger generation read reviews online before deciding if they will purchase the product, this acts similarly to how they choose to accept a job.

If your company website is slow or if the company’s social media page is not even updated, chances are it will be a tough ask to attract the younger generation to even stay on the job. Companies will need to dedicate their resources toward learning and development yet ensuring that the tools and systems in place are designed to reflect the learning styles of the millennial user so as to get the best potential result.

Provide bite-sized information and value-added skills

Millennials and Generation Z have limited attention spans. They crave instant gratification and instant solutions to the challenges that they are facing at work. Having a 3 day 2 night long learning programme talk will not be able to keep them engaged, considering that they have limited attention spans. Learning programmes should consist of content that keeps them engaged by having personalised stories to touch on the emotional part of the younger generation.

To cater to higher demands for instant gratification, programmes that offer key takeaways and actionable steps to take within a short period of time could prove to be more effective. It’s important that companies think about how to cater programmes that will benefit the younger generation instantly.

Develop a company mission that supports a greater cause

According to a report done by Case Foundation, shows that millennials seek out possibilities across all aspects of their lives to have a positive impact on society and they will not be afraid to question norms that they believe cause social issues. The young generation has grown up with change and they’re unafraid of making changes in their own lives to pursue careers that align with their desire to make a difference and to support a certain cause.

Employees stand to gain tremendously from personalised and customised learning materials from platforms like Tigerhall, which helps companies achieve their organisation goals. A marketer might need tips on how to curate a SEO marketing campaign and just by listening in to a podcast by various well-experienced and knowledgeable personnel, it will help them to gain valuable insights that can be applied immediately. This also connects and relates well with the younger generation who have short attention spans.

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